Trace is a clear, helpful, and low maintenance research management tool that lets you collect, organize, cite and share research artifacts all in one place. By clearing away the complexities and cleaning up the clutter of research, Trace helps you spend less time on managing your research and more time on doing the work.

Presentation Deck

What I did: visual design, wireframing, UI/UX, user testing

The hassle of tracking sources and managing artifacts while researching can often distract from building the insights and seeing the opportunities that was the point of the research in the first place. Add in being on a team, and projects can easily become more about managing the research than doing the work itself. Creating clean and clear tracks for your research and establishing uniform systems with a common location, Trace helps you get back time without leaving your research behind. With simple collaboration and headache saving citation shortcuts, Trace is the right tool for individuals and teams.


TRACE's mobile app allows you to do a lot of the same stuff the full TRACE desktop web experience allows, but adds some critical features and functionality. It is meant as a companion app and is a full native mobile experience in itself. It utilizes the camera on any smartphone to record snapshots of book covers, barcodes, ISBN numbers, QR codes and more to automatically pair any artifact you've made with the resource it came from. In addition, the camera is capable of basic optical character recognition (OCR) to convert text in a picture into useable text for automatic citation generation.

This app concept was completed for educational purposes only. It is in no way meant for or has commercial intent.